Icecrown Gunship Battle

Lastly spirits will spawn around the room that can not be tanked or damaged, instead they do damage to anyone close to them. So if you get threat from one, that player must kite them around until they disappear.

The whole fight must be finished within 10 minutes or Lady Deathwhisper will enrage and wipe the group. Overall it is not a difficult encounter, the hardest part is figuring out the balance of DPS to put on adds and the shield. If you survive the adds, the second phase is a breeze.

Icecrown Gunship Battle
This is the third encounter in the raid, and while there is a boss on the enemy ship, there is no real reason to kill him to win the encounter. Once you all reach the airship everyone needs to talk to the goblin onboard handing out the wickedly cool rocket vests. Once you get them you need to equip them in your shirt slot and add them to your toolbar for quick use. Allow everyone to get used to jumping around with them before anyone talks to the captain. If you are anything like our raid, 20 minutes will pass as players jump all over the ship, slap them into shape and get on with the fight.

The encounter needs the raid split up into three different sub-groups: gunners, boarders, and defenders. The boarding party and defenders each need tanks and healers. Boarders should mainly be melee, while defenders should be ranged. The gunners are usually pulled from your lowest DPS in the group regardless of type.

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